Céline Gaudron-Baudouy

After studying modern Literature and Communication, Céline Baudouy worked in the field of the performing arts in Canada and France before devoting herself to Yoga.

She began Yoga in Montreal after practicing classical and contemporary dance. The initiation to Ashtanga Yoga marks a turning point in her life. In 2009, after 5 years of diligent practice, she attended a teacher training course in Paris to obtain her 500- hour certificate endorsed by the Yoga Alliance.

In 2011, Céline opened the first school of Ashtanga Yoga in Nantes, France. Her instruction strictly adheres to Sri K.Patthabi Jois’s teachings (Mysore, India). She is committed to transmitting the spirit of yoga and helping each student find physical and mental balance.

Céline continues to develop her own practice through workshops given by distinguished Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teachers such as: Kino Macgregor, Petri Räisänen, Bhavani Maki, Tim Miller, Matthew Sweeney, Mark Darby and David Robson.

In India, she followed the teachings of Sri. V.Sheshadri (PAVY Shala) in Mysore.

She expands her understanding of the therapeutic dimensions (anatomy and physiology) of Yoga as well as its spiritual aspects (Yoga Sutras) to better meet the specific needs of each student.